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ContractsXpert® 2018 v.3.0.4 Update

This download applies latest updates to existing ContractsXpert® 2018 software and will install a new version of the software for ContractsXpert® 2016 users with an active Support & Updates subscription.

To download this update, you will need to log in with your User ID number and password which will verify your Support & Updates subscription is up-to-date.

If your Support & Updates has expired then make sure you renew online or call our Accounts Management Team on 0117 916 7892.

VersionContractsXpert 2018 v.3.0.4 for Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
File Size104 MB
Terms & ConditionsContractsXpert Terms & Conditions

In this update

  • New option to not show your name in the address block of the letter i.e. only show the company name.
  • Fixed a typo in the covering letter when producing the contract as an individual rather than as a company.
  • Fixed a few incorrect appendix references within the contract
  • Fixed - contract preview had stopped working at the end of the new contract wizard.
  • Fixed - PDF output could become garbled after installing a particular Windows Update.

Previous 2018/2016 updates released include

  • Updated Interface for the Main Menu.
  • Brand new Small Works Contract for use with either domestic or commercial clients.
  • Brand new Subcontractors contract.
  • Brand new interface.
  • Contracts are no longer FMB branded.
  • Please note that the contracts contained with ContractsXpert 2016 follow contractual law for England & Wales.
  • Bug fixes.

Previous v.2 updates released included

  • Compatibility with EstimatorXpress 2015
  • Updated documents for the following: Minor domestic contract, domestic contract, scottish contract, start work now form
  • Fixed bug for importing contacts from EstimatorXpress
  • New contract included: Domestic Contract for Working with a Subcontractor
  • Updated documents for the following: Minor domestic contract, domestic contract & scottish contract
  • New field for insurance policy date for all contracts
  • Updated documents for the following: Minor domestic contract, domestic contract & commercial contract
  • New field for payment terms of interim payments for the 3 updated documents
  • Improved text wrapping of suppliers/subcontractor sections for domestic and commercial contracts
  • In the Funds Transfer sections of the Scottish, minor domestic & domestic contracts a "Not Applicable" watermark has been added if they are not applicable
  • Suppressed the printing out of zero price on funds transfer pages
  • Creating a new project created an empty entry in the recent files list
  • Setting the site address to an address different to the client address then closing the program does not trigger the save changes dialogue
  • The list of suppliers & subcontractors was not getting reset when closing a file and opening another file
  • Option to specify whether VAT applies to the prices in the contract
  • Interim bill period can now be set to less than 14 days
  • VAT now set to 20 % for all new contracts
  • Additional documents such as: 'Notice of the Right to Cancel', 'Cancellation Form' and 'Start Work Now Form' as required by the Consumer’s Home or Place of Work etc. Regulations 2008.
  • Bug fix to stop prices being rounded up to whole pounds
  • New option to import jobs from EstimatorXpress® including an allowance for inflation
  • Now compatible with new EstimatorXpress® v.8
  • New option to open a PDF when publishing a contract to PDF format
  • Bug fix to correct the import of an EstimatorXpress® estimate which has never been opened (usually from an import of a backed up estimate)


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