ContractsXpert 2018 v.3.0.4 - Released 7th February 2018

  • New option to not show your name in the address block of the letter i.e. only show the company name.
  • Fixed a typo in the covering letter when producing the contract as an individual rather than as a company.
  • Fixed a few incorrect appendix references within the contract
  • Fixed - contract preview had stopped working at the end of the new contract wizard.
  • Fixed - PDF output could become garbled after installing a particular Windows Update.

Previous 2018 updates released include

  • Updated Interface for the Main Menu.
  • Brand new Small Works Contract for use with either domestic or commercial clients.
  • Brand new Subcontractors contract.
  • Brand new interface.
  • Contracts are no longer FMB branded.
  • Please note that the contracts contained with ContractsXpert 2016 follow contractual law for England & Wales.
  • Bug fixes.