The Structural Opening to New Wall Estimating Calculator estimates the Material, Labour and Plant required to construct large structural openings in a new wall.

The Structural Opening Estimating Calculator is linked to the Specification. Therefore, many of the items required for a structural opening are specified by the Specification.

The combination of information taken from the Specification and the dimensions you enter will calculate the following items automatically:

  • Lintels
  • Plastering
  • Decorating


  • Please check all pre-specified items listed in the Calculated Resources tab, and in particular the red highlighted “critical items” before accepting the output.
  • You must also carefully  scrutinise the Sundry Resources tab which covers the more free form aspects of the structural opening.
  • For smaller openings, such as doorways or windows, use the Small Structural Opening Estimating Calculator.
  • For openings which require steels, use the Structural Steelwork Estimating Calculator.