The Speedfit 22mm Fixings Estimating Calculator calculates the Labour and Material required to fit a range of 22mm plastic pipe fittings.

This Estimating Calculator estimates the following items:

  • Elbows
  • Stem Elbows
  • Stop Ends
  • Equal Tees
  • Reducing Tees
  • Stem Tees
  • Straight Connectors
  • Reducing Couplers
  • Tap Connectors
  • Tank Connectors
  • Cylinder Connectors
  • Isolating Valves
  • Service Valves
  • Stop Cocks
  • Ball Valves
  • Pipe Inserts
  • Plus all labour required to fit the above

Enter the number required alongside each type of fitting.

This Estimating Calculator is not linked to the Specifications.


  • Use the Speedfit 10mm Fixings, Speedfit 15mm Fixings and Speedfit 28mm Fixings Estimating Calculators to estimate 10mm, 15mm and 28mm plastic pipe fixings respectively.
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