How to rotate a PDF plan before importing into PlansXpress

PlansXpress is not an image editor, it cannot be used to rotate a PDF, JPG or BMP file however a PDF (or JPG or BMP) can be rotated before being imported to PlansXpress using a free image editor called Gimp.

You can download Gimp from

When you open Gimp, you should see a window similar to the screenshot above.

Click File > Open...

Locate your PDF, click on it and then click Open.

You will see a preview of the PDF, click Import.

You will now see your PDF displayed in the Gimp workspace.

On the top menu click Image > Transform.  From this menu you can click to Rotate 90° clockwise or Rotate 90° counter-clockwise.

Once you have rotated the PDF, click File > Overwrite <your PDF file name>.pdf

The PDF will now be saved in the correct orientation and is ready to be imported into PlansXpress.
You can view a tutorial video on importing PDFs here

John Rees

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Modified on: Fri, 8 Apr, 2016 at 2:52 PM