When PlansXpress is installed, it also attempts to install some Microsoft components:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Visual C++ (x86)

Most computers will already have these installed but, because they are necessary and not ALL computers have them, PlansXpress will always attempt to install them.

When each of the above Microsoft components attempts to install, it will check your computer first to see if it already installed.  If either one detects that it is already installed, then each one has a message to tell you this.  Unfortunately the wording of the message from the Microsoft installers can make it look like this is a problem, when in fact it means that the software is already installed so you just need to carry on.

The .NET 4 message looks like this:

As you can see, what it is trying to say is "Great - .NET4 is already installed so carry on!"

All you need to do is click on the Close button and the PlansXpress installer will continue on to the next stage.

If you already have Visual C++ installed you will get this message that does have an alarming big red X at the top.

Once again, this message is just telling you that Visual C++ is already installed, so just click on Close to continue the PlansXpress installation process.