We have seen a few computers where the Windows 10 upgrade doesn't quite get the Regional settings correct.  This effect of this is that you will see a mix of pound £ and dollar $ symbols in EstimatorXpress.

This is very easy to fix:

You need to find Control Panel first:

Click on the Windows start button (bottom left corner of your Windows Desktop)

Then click on the All Apps button

Now Scroll down the menu and look for Windows System - click the little arrow to expand the list and then select Control Panel

Once you are in Control Panel, click on the Region option and you are presented with the following screen

As you can see the Format is set to English (United States)

Click on the drop down list and select English (United Kingdom)

Click OK

Whilst you are in this screen, check that your Location is set to United Kingdom as well.

EstimatorXpress should now be back to £ symbols