If you would like to see how a plan will look on paper, but don’t have a printer big enough, the following instructions will show you how to use the Scale To Fit option to print it on a smaller page ,A4 for example. This printout is of course NOT TO SCALE.

1. Once you’re ready to print your Plan, click on the File drop down button (top left corner of the menu).

2. Move the mouse cursor down to Print and then click on Print Options.

3. On the Print Options window tick the Scale To Fit circle.

4. Select the paper size and make sure Orientation is set correctly.

5. Click OK to print.

NOTE: You will need to ensure that construction lines have been deleted or hidden when printing as PlansXpress will print all items in the plan. You can switch construction lines off by going to the Drawing and Annotation tab and clicking on Toggle Visibility button.

John Rees