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Health & Safety Xpert® 2019 Update

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VersionHealth & Safety Xpert 2019 Version 6.6.1 for Windows 7/8.1/10
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Notice to Windows Vista Users

Windows Vista is no longer supported by Health & Safety Xpert. To continue to use this software you will need to upgrade your operating system to a newer version of Windows.

In this Update - Released 5th October 2018

  • New Toolbox Talk TT73: Workplace stress and mental health
  • Preview of documents now scale properly on high dpi monitors and do not cut off the right hand side of the pages
  • All documents have undergone a legislation review

In previous updates

Health & Safety Xpert Build 6.5.6 - Released 28th March 2018

  • 10 new Toolbox Talks
    • TT63: Overhead services
    • TT64: Safety signs
    • TT65: Slingers and signalers
    • TT66: Temporary works
    • TT67: Trees and hedgerows
    • TT68: Woodworking machines
    • TT69: Working on scaffolds
    • TT70: Company health and safety policies
    • TT71: Fragile roofs
    • TT72: Invasive plants
  • HS27: Company Health & Safety Policy has been updated for the Management of Stress and racial harassment
  • Risk Assessment RA121: Stress and mental health has been updated for the Management of Stress and racial harassment
  • Updated sample project - 'The Paddocks'

Health & Safety Xpert 2018 Build 6.4.4 - Released 5th December 2017

  • Fixed issue with user created paragraphs for Method Statements being deleted from the library when running Health & Safety Xpert 2018 for the first time.

Health & Safety Xpert 2018 Build 6.4.3 - Released 20th November 2017

  • New Toolbox Talks documents
    • 62 new toolbox talks documents added to the software.
    • New Toolbox Talk tab on the main screen to manage the toolbox talks with your project.
    • Save your own Toolbox Talks to the library for use in other projects.
  • Document publish status tracking. Last Published and Publish Status columns are now visble on the print/export screen.
  • When printing/exporting a cover sheet for the project there are now 3 options to choose from. All project documents, selected and already published documents or just the selected documents.
  • Risk Assessment Assessor
    • New Default Risk Assessor added to the Project Details tab.
    • All Risk Assessments will use this person unless you specifically set the assessor within an individual Risk Assessment.
    • New category available within the address book to assign people to the role of a Risk Assessor.
  • New blank Method Statements are now blank.
  • Save paragraphs and set them as defaults available on Method Statements.
  • Updates to the omments on RA53: Demolition.
  • Date format in document headers and footers will match Windows regional settings
  • General formatting improvements to all output documents (table alignments, removing extra empty lines, borders in table cells...)
  • New useful link: How to implement the HSE “Plan. Do. Check. Act” approach with Health & Safety Xpert"
  • New useful link: HSE Asbestos essentials (HSG210)
  • Memory management improvements when exportig multiple documents - up to 500 documents tested in 1 go.
  • Fixed Preferences button on printer settings dialog not working.
  • Fixed table alingment when exporting Risk Assessments to .doc format.
  • Fixed textbox sizes on the printouts of Work Permits and Accident Report.
  • Fixed error on closing options dialog when main window is maximized.
  • Fixed some screens not applying font size correctly.

Health & Safety Xpert 2017 Build 6.3.5 - Released 27th March 2017

  • New management document HS38: Ladder Inspection
  • New management document HS39: HAVS Exposure Record
  • New Project type - Housing Development
  • Reformatted HS19: Fire Plan as some sections of the document were not accessible from the edit document dialog
  • Improved estimate import process allowing you to include/exclude build phases from the import
  • Improved appearance and usability on high DPI devices such as 4K monitors
  • New setting to set the default assessor for risk assessments
  • Improved error handling of missing company logos
  • Improved detection of OneDrive folder on Windows 7
  • Fixed bug removing a company logo from a project
  • Fixed bug changing method statement author - changes not being saved
  • Stopped an error message appearing when trying to open a second instance of Health & Safety Xpert
  • Fixed bug in backup process when Dropbox account was Dropbox for Business
  • Removed multiple instances of Internal Preparation and External Preparation build phases

Health & Safety Xpert 2016 Build 6.2.1 - Released 27th October 2016

  • 9 new Risk Assessments

    • RA135 Highly flammable liquids. Storage and use
    • RA136 Block and brick work
    • RA137 Operating boom type mobile elavated work platform
    • RA138 Site electricity supply
    • RA139 Operating a scissors-lift type MEWP
    • RA140 Whole body vibration caused by Operating ride-on plant and vehicles
    • RA141 Working in occupied domestic premises
    • RA142 Dermatitis exposure
    • RA143 Genie hoist operations
  • Now targets .Net Framework v4.5 for increased compatibility for some customers
  • Fixed: In Tools > Options on project type document mapping and build phase document mapping sections resizing the window set the selected item in the combo box for the project type or build phase back to the 1st item in the list.
  • Fixed: If in a risk assessment you create a new hazard on an assessment tab, don't set any of the exposure/severity dropdowns, then delete the hazard... when you press OK to close the risk assessment window the software would would warn you about items not having exposure/severity set - these related to the deleted hazards.

Health & Safety Xpert 2016 Build 6.1.2 - Released 8th August 2016

  • For your own project types you can now configure whether HS00: Construction Phase Plan, HS27: Company Health & Safety Policy, HS29: Pre Construction Information and HS33: Health & Safety File are included in your projects. These can be set by going to Tools > Options > New Project Settings >Project Type Document Mapping.

Health & Safety Xpert 2016 Build 6.1.0 - Released 25th July 2016

  • Enhanced mapping for importing from EstimatorXpress 2015 v.9.03.2
  • Fixed: Closing a Health & Safety Xpert project with Alt + Q causes an error when subsequently opening another project
  • Fixed: Pressing the Import Estimate on a computer without EstimatorXpress installed causes an error

Health & Safety Xpert 2016 Build 6.0.8 - Released 18th May 2016

  • New management documents HS37: Simple Construction Phase Plan
  • 91 new COSHH assessments have been added
  • Updated HS00: Construction Phase Plan
  • Updated HS25: Site audit
  • Updated RA01: All Operations - Core Assessment
  • Updated RA18: Handling & Placement of Kerbs & Edgings
  • Updated RA24: Construction Plant Operations
  • Updated RA24.20: Mobile Elevated Platforms
  • Updated RA76: Scaffolding
  • Updated RA90: Fall Arrest Harnesses
  • Updated CA110: Rigid Polyurethane Foam
  • Removed CA124: Everbuild Febstrike - discontinued
  • New document output engine which no longer requires Microsoft Word
  • Output formats supported: pdf, doc, docx, rtf, odf, txt
  • Improved estimate import process
  • New Export & Preview buttons on all tabs of the software
  • New 'Building Company' contact on the project details tab. This will be used as the details that appear on document headers and footers.
  • Better handling of image formats when selecting your company logo.
  • Manage the items that appear in your recent files list on the main menu by right-clicking on them
  • Improved discovery of Dropbox folder location for backups

Health & Safety Xpert 2015 Build 5.3.0 - Released 1st December 2015

  • Improved process for saving Risk Assessments,COSHH Assessments & Method Statements to the library for use in other projects
  • Update to HS00: Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan - Replaced High Inflammable and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Regulations 1982 & Petroleum Spirit [Plastic Container] Regulations 1982 with The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations2002 (DSEAR)
  • Fire and hospital contact details now print out correctly on HS00: Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan
  • Project cover sheet now shows docs HS33 - HS36
  • Move to top/bottom buttons added to the document mapping screens in Tools > Options

Health & Safety Xpert 2015 Build 5.2.3 - Released 9th October 2015

  • Fixed issues with importing jobs from EstimatorXpress on computers running 64-bit operating systems

Health & Safety Xpert 2015 Build 5.2.0 - Released 5th October 2015

  • Compatibility with Office 2016
  • New button on the Main Menu to access Online Health & Safety Training material
  • New reference document included 'Construction Phase Plan (CDM 2015) - What you need to know as a busy builder'
  • Fixed issue detecting the location of OneDrive on Windows 10 computers

Health & Safety Xpert 2015 Build 5.1.9 - Released 11th May 2015

  • Fixed issue with the default documents that are automatically added to new projects

Health & Safety Xpert 2015 Build 5.1.7 - Released 7th April 2015

  • Backup & restore data files process - If you have Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive installed then you will be able to select one of these as the location of the backup
  • Software defaults now to showing tabs across multiple rows if they do not all fit on screen. This behaviour can be changed by going to Tools > Options > Other > Multi Row Tabs 
  • On the Project Details tab Start date, Project Description, CDM Coordinator, Environment Agency & Local Authority no longer appear. Designer has now become Principal Designer 
  • For new projects the F10 tab is gone. If you open an old project the tab will still be there as it was in previous versions but with a note saying that after 31 March 2015 you need to submit F10’s online 
  • A new tab for Health & Safety File has been added 
  • Updated User Interface 
  • You can now delete custom saved paragraphs 
  • Files will now saved with .hsxp (Health & Safety Project) file extension 
  • Health & Safety Xpert 2015 is capable of opening and saving old projects with .hsx4 & .hsx5 file extensions 
  • You will be able to save an .hsx4 file to the new .hsxp format, but you cannot save a .hsxp file back to an older format
  • On board Help has been updated with all new screenshots, new topics, and updated text.
  • Other bug fixes

New docs, all of these will be automatically added to all new projects:

  • HS33: Health & Safety File NEW  
  • HS34: Domestic client responsibilities NEW  
  • HS35: Contractors Responsibilities for Domestic Clients under CDM 2015 NEW 
  • HS36: Breach of Health & Safety Procedures NEW 

Amended docs:

  • CA31: Petroleum Spirit  
  • RA03: Construction of Site Offices _ Compound (incl_ Welfare)  
  • RA08: Excavations 
  • RA51 Chainsaws 
  • RA53: Demolition  
  • MS00: Method Statement Template  
  • MS01: Industrial Unit Roofing – EXAMPLE  
  • MS02: Brick Paving in Pedestrian area – EXAMPLE 
  • MS03: Confined Space - EXAMPLE 
  • HS00: Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan  
  • HS02: COSHH Assessment Request  
  • HS08-01: Asbestos Work Permit 
  • HS08-02: Working At Heights Work Permit  
  • HS08-03: Confined Space Work Permit 
  • HS08-04: Electrical Work Permit 
  • HS08-05: Excavation Work Permit  
  • HS08-06: Hot-Works Work Permit 
  • HS15: Excavation Inspection  
  • HS24: Site Inspection Checklist  
  • HS25: Site Audit  
  • HS27: Company Health & Safety Policy 
  • HS29: Pre Construction Information  
  • HS31: Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015 – Client, principal designer, designer, principal contractor and contractor duties

Health & Safety Xpert v5 Build 5.0.25 - Released 1st August 2014

49 New COSHH Assessments

  • CA87: Kingspan Kooltherm Board 
  • CA88: Celotex Polyisocyanurate Foam 
  • CA89: Dytherm Phonelic Foam 
  • CA90: Knauf Earthwool Insulation with Ecose Technology 
  • CA91: Everbuild Aquaseal WRS Primer 
  • CA92: Everbuild Lead Patination Oil 
  • CA93: Evo-stik Lead and Gutter Sealant 
  • CA94: Fillcrete Masonry Filler 
  • CA95: Foamex Polyurethane Foam 
  • CA96: Gyproc Joint Cement 
  • CA97: Gyproc Joint Filler 
  • CA98: Gyproc Plasterboard 
  • CA99: H and H Aircrete Building Blocks 
  • CA100: Hanson Aerated Concrete Blocks 
  • CA101: Hanson Brick and Structural Clay Units 
  • CA102: Hemsec Structural Insulated Panels 
  • CA103: Hyload Tanking Membrane 
  • CA104: Ibstock Packaged Bricks 
  • CA105: Isover Insulation Products 
  • CA106: Nature Pro Sheeps Wool 
  • CA107: Norboard MDF 
  • CA108: Norbord Sterling Oriented Strandboard 
  • CA109: Pavatherm Floor NK 
  • CA110: Rigid Polyurethane Foam 
  • CA111: Sika Levelling Compound 
  • CA112: Styrofoam Polystyrene Foam 
  • CA113: Thermafleece Insulation 
  • CA114: Weber External Render Systems 
  • CA115: Wienerberger Fired Clay Bricks 
  • CA116: BAL Tile and Grout 
  • CA117: Cembrit Multipurpose Soffit 
  • CA118: Cuprinol Decking Oil and Protector 
  • CA119: Dunbrik 1581 Silicone Sealant 
  • CA120: Dunbrik Blakbord 
  • CA121: Dunbrik Dunfill Aggregate 
  • CA122: Dunbrik Mini Clearflow Gas Flue Starter Block 
  • CA123: Dunbrik Smoke Pellets 
  • CA124: Everbuild Febstrike 
  • CA125: Everbuild Fill and Fix Expanding Foam 
  • CA126: Evo-stik Carpet Spray Adhesive 
  • CA127: Evo-stik Multi Purpose Silicone White Sealant 
  • CA128: Evo-stik Resin Extra Fast Interior Wood Adhesive 
  • CA129: Evo-stik Tile a Wall Waterproof Adhesive for Ceramic Tiles 
  • CA130: Glidden Trade Contract Matt 
  • CA131: Gyproc Dri-wall Adhesive 
  • CA132: Gyproc Plank 
  • CA133: Gyproc Sealant 
  • CA134: Hepworth Silicone Lubricant HX200 
  • CA135: Propower Silicone Lubricant 

9 New Risk Assessments

  • RA126: Work at height from a hop up 
  • RA127: Employing migrant workers 
  • RA128: Piling operations 
  • RA129: Plant maintenance 
  • RA130: Stoneworking machinery 
  • RA131: Use of woodworking machinery 
  • RA132: Refurbishment 
  • RA133: Scaffold crane 
  • RA134: Falsework operations 

3 New Management Documents

  • HS30: Excavation Inspection Register 
  • HS31: Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2007 - Client and contractor duties 
  • HS32: Scaffolding Inspection Register 

Updated Documents

  • HS05: Site Induction 
  • HS09: Site Setup Checklist 
  • HS15: Excavation Inspection 
  • HS17: Site Rules 
  • HS24: Site Inspection Checklist 
  • HS25: Site Audit 
  • HS26: Excavation Pre-Works Checklist 
  • HS27: Company Health & Safety Policy - New sections for ‘Drugs & Alcohol’ & ‘Migrant Workers’, reworked section for ‘Temporary Works & Demolition’ 
  • +63 updated Risk Assessments 

Other features 

  • Updated substance list for COSHH Assessments 
  • Scottish Environmental Protection Agencies added to the address book 
  • Simplified 'new project' & 'import job' processes 
  • Organizational charts can new be saved and used in future projects


Please note Windows® Vista only supports Microsoft® Word and Excel 2003 and 2007. Running earlier versions of Microsoft® Office with Windows® Vista is not recommended.
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