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VersionHealth & Safety Xpert 2019 Version 6.7.16 for Windows 7/8.1/10
File Size121 MB
Terms & ConditionsHealth & Safety Xpert Terms & Conditions

Health & Safety Xpert 2019 Version 6.7.16 - Released 8th April 2019

  • Compatibility with EstimatorXpress 2019. Thsi version will import data from the new format of EstimatorXpress Jobs. If you still need to import old estimates created with EstimatorXpress 2017/2018 then do not install this update.
  • Updated Risk Assessment RA39: Welding in line with HSE guidlines
  • Updated Toolbox Talk TT29: Control of dust and fumes
  • Updated HS28: Contractor Questionnaire
  • New sample Method Statement MS04: Demolition of Brick Built Structure with Asbestos Cement Sheet Roof
  • New Toolbox Talk TT74: Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015
  • New Toolbox Talk TT75: Compressed Gases
  • New Toolbox Talk TT76: Diamond blades
  • New Toolbox Talk TT77: Fuel and oil
  • New Toolbox Talk TT78: Wildlife
  • Improvements to screen layouts when using small displays with high DPI settings.

Health & Safety Xpert 2019 Version 6.6.1 - Released 5th October 2018

  • New Toolbox Talk TT73: Workplace stress and mental health
  • Preview of documents now scale properly on high dpi monitors and do not cut off the right hand side of the pages
  • All documents have undergone a legislation review

Health & Safety Xpert 2019 Version 6.5.6 - Released 28th March 2018

  • 10 new Toolbox Talks
    • TT63: Overhead services
    • TT64: Safety signs
    • TT65: Slingers and signalers
    • TT66: Temporary works
    • TT67: Trees and hedgerows
    • TT68: Woodworking machines
    • TT69: Working on scaffolds
    • TT70: Company health and safety policies
    • TT71: Fragile roofs
    • TT72: Invasive plants
  • HS27: Company Health & Safety Policy has been updated for the Management of Stress and racial harassment
  • Risk Assessment RA121: Stress and mental health has been updated for the Management of Stress and racial harassment
  • Updated sample project - 'The Paddocks'