EstimatorXpress 2018 is no longer being developed. Since 2018 EstimatorXpress has been replatformed. If you want to get the latest version of EstimatorXpress you will need to upgrade online or call our Accounts Management Team on 0117 916 7892.

This download will update your EstimatorXpress 2018 software to the latest release as well as upgrading EstimatorXpress 2017 to EstimatorXpress 2018.

EstimatorXpress 2018 v.9.10.0 for Windows 7/8/8.1/10
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EstimatorXpress 2018 v.9.10.0

  • Workbooks now launch in a window over the top of Excel and have a completely new look.  Updates to them will also build quicker and should no longer be impacted by instabilities within your installation of Microsoft Excel.
  • Imports from PlansXpress and Quick Quote are MUCH faster and should not be impacted any more by instabilities within your installation of Microsoft Excel.
  • All icons within on the ribbon toolbar and in many dialog boxes have been updated to have a more modern look.
  • Updated Area, Perimeter & Volume Workbooks.
  • Editing a Workbook within the 'My Workbooks' section of the Settings menu now allows you to edit the resource specification of the 'Template' sheet of a Workbook.  This is the sheet that gets copied each time you press the 'Add Worksheet' button from within a Workbook.  This means that you can now change the default specification for any Workbooks that are not spec-linked, such as the Timber Frame Panel Workbook.
  • Various other bug fixes & improvements.
  • NOTE: You cannot create Variations using this latest version of the software (for new estimates).  If you want to create an estimate and then go on to produce variations against it please contact support, who can help you to create the estimate using the old Excel Workbooks.  This will enable you to continue to use the Variations functionality.  We intend to restore full support for Variations within EstimatorXpress later in the year.

EstimatorXpress 2018 v.9.09.0

  • Compatibility with PlansXpress v.5.  Note that EstimatorXpress will no longer export data changes to PlansXpress v.4 other than using the Notes Wizard in EstimatorXpress, but will continue to be able to import and estimate drawings completed with PlansXpress v.4.
  • Updated components within the software means that EstimatorXpress will now only work on Windows 7 or later, and requires you to have .NET 4.7.1 installed on your computer, which should have been automatically completed via Windows Updates for you already.
  • Minor bug fixes.

EstimatorXpress 2018 v.9.08.0

  • Updated electrical sockets Workbook (including USB sockets)
  • New Velux Window Workbook (includes Velux Window picker to allow the user to choose from over 500 Velux windows)
  • New Workbooks added to Quick Quote:
    • Velux Windows
    • Floor Screed
  • Quote enhancement - Ability to enter in;
    • assumptions,
    • omissions 
    • provisional sums that merge into the quote in a new section
  • New EstimatorXpress Main Menu
  • Location property on a worksheet now allows longer names to be entered
  • General bug fixes

Other fixes & minor changes 

  • Spec updates for reinforcement in slabs
  • New brickwork mini-specs
  • Updated groups of workbooks
  • Set traffic lights on Main Menu to only be red if expired (rather than < 1 month remaining)
  • Part L Floor Screed added to Quick Quote custom
  • Character limit removed from 'Location' of a worksheet
  • My Favourites to not swap to products if they're not in the price book
  • Delete any additional windows created in jobs directory file on closing the software
  • Only save jobs directory file if the address is changed.
  • 'Preview' button for quote wizard build phase/workbook detail didn't update text after it'd been edited.
  • When adding a new resource the 'Type' dropdown of the price book now updates to any added new types
  • 'Delete' button when using 'Sort Workbooks' through the 'my grouped workbooks' wasn't working correctly so was screwing up the group you had when used
  • Invoice 'save as' button crashed when clicked on my machine.  Fixed.
  • If you import a job from an estimate share that is locked you can end up with it permanently locked.  Now made it check for a local lockfile on closing an estimate down and if so it'll zap it to stop this from occuring.
  • Hidden option to do a Ctrl+click on estimate sharing folder to remove the folder so that the feature is disabled again.
  • Text set for a renamed workbook in quote by workbook wasn't being used and the text for the workbook that had been renamed was being used instead. 
  • New estimate wizard orders brickwork mini spec options sensibly

EstimatorXpress 2017 v.9.07.0 Update

  • NEW Excavation mini-spec
  • Updates PlansXpress v.4 to be compatible with the latest Workbook updates within EstimatorXpress
  • EstimatorXpress will update older PlansXpress v.4 drawings to be able to import into the latest Workbooks 
  • EstimatorXpress will update older Quick Quote estimates to be able to import into the latest Workbooks 

In previous updates

  • NEW Quick Quote (Optional Plug-in) 
  • NEW Estimate Wizard to enable you to get straight to estimating quicker than ever before
  • NEW button to unpack all Workbooks so that you can let your computer quietly prepare all estimating calculators when you're not around, rather than have to wait each time you open up a new Workbook for the first time.
  • Various bug fixes & improvements
  • Multiple workbook improvements
  • NEW Manager/Collaborator toolset available (additional charges apply)
  • NEW estimate backup functionality 
  • NEW  Estimate Sharing functionality to be able to collaborate on estimates between different devices running EstimatorXpress available (additional charges apply)
  • 'My Projects' screen now displays the start date of each project
  • 'Project Summary' screen now displays the start date of each estimate
  • 'Filter Bars' dialog from within a bar chart in a project now allows filtering and sorting of build phase name & job number
  • Cash flow graphs from within a project now show a separate cumulative line for each estimate 
  • Charts by build phase from within a project gives the option to merge similarly named build phases from multiple projects together
  • Printing a project bar chart allows you to split the printout over multiple pages
  • Adding an estimate into a project shows the job numbers to enable you to differentiate similarly named estimates
  • NEW Quick Start function in the New Estimate Wizard.
  • NEW Workbook Ribbon menu to make your estimating quicker and easier.
  • Automatic naming of worksheets to speed up estimating.
  • Workbooks with multiple worksheets now default all sheets to a quantity of zero. 
  • EstimatorXpress 2017 no longer requires .net2 
  • NEW Decoration mini-spec.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.
  • IMPROVED PlansXpress import so that it can handle importing 30+ different types of doors/windows that appear on one drawing. 
  • UPDATED Notes Wizard text.
  • NEW feature in the Notes Wizard that outputs a list of the 'item used for' descriptions with all carcassing timber descriptions to add clarity over what they're being used for. 
  • IMPROVED Notes Wizard opening paragraph selection screen to enable you to set up more template paragraphs. 
  • IMPROVED order of Workbooks in the Notes Wizard and Quote by Workbook. 
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.
  • NEW mini-specs for 'Roof Guttering', 'Fascia, Bargeboard and Soffits to Sloped Roofs' and 'Fascia, Bargeboard and Soffits to Flat Roofs'.
  • IMPROVED look of the software for high resolution screens (setting different DPI settings).
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office 2016
  • Expanded Library of over 7000 PVC-U Windows and Doors from Crystal Direct.
  • Improved selection process for PVC-U Windows and Doors from Crystal Direct.
  • Expanded library of Stone Heads and updated workbook to improve the estimation process of them.
  • Expanded library of Stone Cills and updated workbook to improve the estimation process of them.
  • Expanded library of Brickwork Arches and updated workbook to improve the estimation process of them.
  • All Crystal Direct Door/Window workbooks now have the option to use a Crystal Direct former instead of using a timber dummy frame and cavity closer.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.
  • NEW PVC-U Bonus Pack available.
  • NEW Main menu to the software with notifications on the status of your software version, support package & merchant links.
  • UPDATED look and feel to the software.
  • NEW Mini-Specs - the ability to set up sections of the specification that are highly variable so that you can change them easily when creating an estimate or from within an estimate. Mini-specs are available for the main brickwork in a building and the roof covering.
  • NEW Invoice Bonus Pack (Chargeable Extra) - A new bonus pack is now available to create invoices and credit notes based on the estimates and variations within EstimatorXpress.
  • IMPROVED 'Site Establishment' Workbook to include additional plant hire and travel costs.
  • IMPROVED 'Internal Lighting' Workbook to include downlights.
  • IMPROVED compatibility with varying DPI settings typical with higher resolution screens.
  • Updated Specifications to reflect latest Part L building regulation changes and 2 new Specifications introduced for targeting the Part L 'Elemental Recipe'. (These will be automatically downloaded to your software after 19th June 2014 as long as you have an active Support & Updates subscription)
  • NEW feature within a Job's Specification to review and change all of the specified lintels and cavity closers used in HBXL standard Workbooks. Suggested specifications provided for 100mm masonry cavity walls, 140mm masonry cavity walls & timber frame construction.
  • NEW feature in the Library Specifications to compare any of the HBXL standard Specifications with your personal Specifications and select any differences to update your Specifications with.
  • NEW option when adding a column of dimensions to a roof Workbook to set the width of walls that the wallplate sits on to match that of any estimated external wall within your Estimate.
  • IMPROVED speed of entering editing mode and saving changes in all of the 'Mass Editing Tools' within the Price Book.
  • NEW functionality when creating an estimate to be able to filter and search through the list of Workbooks in order to build up a custom list for your new Estimate.
  • IMPROVED searching by keyword when adding a workbook to remove the screen flicker and only start searching once you've finished typing your search term(s).
  • NEW feature to delete multiple Workbooks from the Job Summary Screen. Holding down the CTRL key you can select as many Workbooks as required and then press the 'Delete Workbook' button to remove them all at once.
  • NEW feature to delete Workbooks using the 'Sort Workbooks' dialog, accessed from the Job Summary screen.
  • NEW ability to add a custom title and header/footer to the Chart when printing.
  • IMPROVED Stage Payment document to specify the payments including VAT where required. (You must own the Stage Payments Bonus Pack to use this feature)
  • NEW cash flow projection document combining the outgoings of spend on Materials, Labour, Plant, Subcontractors and Sundry items, with the income generated from receiving payments from your client. (You must own the Stage Payments Bonus Pack to use this feature)
  • The 'Finish' page of the New Estimate Wizard has been removed.
  • Various other stability improvements and bug fixes.
  • NEW 'Edit Wastage' function in the 'Mass Editing Tools' within the price book. Allows you to edit wastage factors on all of the resources in your price book quickly and easily.
  • Compatibility with NEW PlansXpress v.4.
  • Compatibility with the very latest estimates from the HBXL Estimating Service including rounding of materials in the final quotation and order schedules.
  • Bug fixes for My Projects and compatibility with ContractsXpert.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office 2013 (32-bit only).
  • New look My Jobs Screen.
  • Ability to rename & re-number jobs.
  • Ability to set your own job numbers when creating jobs.
  • Ability to sort the My Jobs screen by Job Number, Description, Status or Date Last Opened.
  • NEW Workbook in the 'Walling Sundries' category called 'Cladding with Horizontal Timber'.
  • NEW Workbook in the 'Walling Sundries' category called 'Cladding with Vertical Timbers'.
  • NEW Workbook in the 'Walling Sundries' category called 'Tile Cladding'.
  • NEW Workbook in the 'Walling Sundries' category called 'Skirting Boards and Other Mouldings for Walls'.
  • Updated eBuildingSupplies link to allow you to get a quote on materials for just the part of the job you're about to order materials for.
  • New feature to transfer your PowerPack Workbooks to different PCs.
  • New link to eBuildingSupplies for competitive quotes on your materials.
  • New Bi-folding door and uPVC door Workbooks.
  • Improved integration with PlansXpress.
  • Updates and fixes applied to Resources Wizards.
  • New PlansXpress Import Summary Report message.
  • Compatibility with live prices from new merchant partners including TradePoint, Screwfix, Plumbfix, Electricfix and Builders Express.

Important Installation Note for PlansXpress Users:

If you use PlansXpress and have the PVC-U Bonus Pack then please ensure you are running PlansXpress v4.0.17 or later to be compatible with this update to EstimatorXpress.

Important Installation Note for Microsoft Excel 2013 and 2016 Users:

If you have recently upgraded to Microsoft Excel 2013 or 2016 and you purchased EstimatorXpress before May 2013 then your installation of EstimatorXpress may not be ready to be used with Microsoft Excel 2013 or 2016. Similarly if you have any Estimates that you're trying to transfer to a machine running Microsoft Excel 2013 or 2016 then those estimates may not be ready to be opened on your copy of EstimatorXpress running with Microsoft Excel 2013 or 2016.

If either of these scenarios sounds like you, then please contact the HBXL Support Team on 0117 916 7899 for assistance.

NOTE: To make existing estimates compatible with Microsoft Excel 2013 or 2016 you must have access to a PC with the estimate files loaded onto it and with an earlier version of Microsoft Excel installed.


Please make sure you are connected to the Internet when running EstimatorXpress for the first time after updating.
If you are running Microsoft® Windows Vista and purchased EstimatorXpress v7 before 1st May 2007 please ring the support team on 0117 916 7899 for a link to a compatible update.
If you are running Microsoft® Windows 7 and purchased EstimatorXpress v7 before 1st April 2009 please ring the support team on 0117 916 7899 for a link to a compatible update.
Please note Windows® Vista and Windows® 7 only support Microsoft® Word and Excel 2003 and 2007. Running earlier versions of Microsoft® Office with Windows® Vista or Windows® 7 is not recommended.
By downloading software updates and upgrades from the HBXL website, you agree to the terms and conditions of our licence agreement. If you do not agree with such terms and conditions, do not use the software or update. The terms and conditions of the end user licence agreement are available upon installation of your software and in relevant PDFs.