The important thing when drawing a Lean to Roof in PlansXpress is to remember the order of the corners. Giving the corners in the wrong order will result in the roof sloping the wrong way.

To begin click the Roofs drop-down on the top menu and then click on Cut Roof or Truss Roof. From there click the pitch of roof you are drawing, if the pitch you want is not selected then select the closest one and change the pitch of the roof on the first page of the Dimensions Wizard.

Work your way through the Dimensions Wizard, when you reach the Select Roof Type screen tick the Lean to Roof option.

1. After clicking OK the Instruction window will be showing “Select any Wall which Support the Roof” click on either the wall at the bottom or sides of the Lean to Roof you are drawing. In this example we are going to click on the wall that will be at the bottom of the slope indicated below by the number 1. If the instruction window is not visible click on View -> Instruction Window on the top menu.

2. Next we will be instructed to “Select Outer Corner of Building”. The first corner is always the corner at the bottom of the slope.

3. Then we need to “Indicate Second Corner for Width of Roof”. The second corner is always the top of the slope.

4. Finally we are instructed to “Indicate Corner for Length of Building”. Click on the corner opposite to 2 (also at the bottom of the slope)

You should now see the red outline of the sloping roof. Click View > 3D preview to check you have drawn it correctly.

The 4 points are also shown below in 3D to help visualize the correct order when drawing a Lean to Roof.

As long as you follow the correct order your Lean to Roofs should come out perfect every time.

John Rees