PlansXpress comes with a variety of templates for new drawings, some including Title Blocks allowing you to input your company details and logo.

Once you have entered your details and inserted your logo you can save the plan as a new template so it appears along with the default templates when creating a new plan.

The first thing you will need to do is create a new plan from one of the existing templates. In this example we are using 'A3 1 to 50 with Title & Notes Block'

To enter your company details, zoom in to the bottom right corner of the page and double click on 'Company Address, Phone & Email'

The Edit Text window will pop up, you can replace the default text with your details here.

As you can see you may need to put your details over multiple lines or change the size a little to fit it in.

You can repeat the same process to change the Company Name just under where the logo will be placed.

Next single left-click on 'INSERT COMPANY LOGO USING IMAGE BUTTON' and press the delete key on your keyboard.

Click the Drawing & Annotation tab and then click the Image button.

Locate and open your logo. You might need to use the drop-down box in the bottom-right corner of the window to change the file type.

Select the image and click Open

Click OK on the Image Preview window.

Click on the bottom left corner of the box to give the first corner of the image.

Move the mouse to the top of the box and single left-click again. You may need to slightly adjust the size or location of the image after placing it.

You can move the image by single left-clicking on the image to select it and then single-left-clicking on the red square on the bottom left corner to pick it up. Move the image to the new location and single-left-click to place it at its new location.

The size of the image can be altered by clicking on the image to select. Single left click on any of the blue squares on the corners of the image, moving the mouse to make the image bigger or smaller and then single left-cling again to finish the resize.

When you are happy with your new template click the drop-down menu at the top left corner of the screen and then go to Save > Save as Template.

Give the template a name, for example 'My A3 1 to 50 template'.pxd'

Close the drawing.

If you now click New > New from template on the top left drop-down menu you will see your template along with all the default templates.

John Rees