Each resource used in an estimate is assigned to a Build Phase, these build phases are used in the estimate chart.

Add your own Build Phases in EstimatorXpress Options.

How to open EstimatorXpress Options varies depending on the version of Office you are using. You will first need to be on a screen with the top menu visible (e.g. My Estimates)

In Office 2007 you will need to click the circular Office icon in the top left corner of the screen then click EstimatorXpress Options.

In Office 2010 \ 2013 click the Tools \ Options tab and then EstimatorXpress Options.

Click References on the left side of the Options window.

The Ref Type: should default to Build Phases, if it's anything else use the drop-down to select Build Phases.

Enter a name for your new phase in the New Ref: text box and click the Add button.

References are listed alphabetically in the Existing Ref: list. If you now scroll down the list you will be able to find your new phase.

You can assign resources to your new Build Phase within a specification or within a worksheet (by using the View Resources Output screen or the Resource Wizard)

You can also click on Add Bar within the Edit Bar Chart window (Chart tab) to add the Build Phase to your estimates bar chart.

Add a Build Phase in the Edit Resource window

You can add you own Build Phase while in the Edit Resource window which can be accessed from the View Resources Output screen by clicking the Edit Resource button.

You can also add a new Build Phase in the Resources Wizard window by clicking the Edit Build Phase & Usage Factor button.

On the Edit Resource window click the Add button in the Build Phase section on the right side.

Enter the name of the new Build Phase.

Your new Build Phase will be added and selected as the Build Phase for this resource and will be available for all other resources in EstimatorXpress.

John Rees