There’s more to the Resources Wizards than just pretty pictures! The Resources Wizards in Plumbing & Heating Edition Trade Edition are really handy, allowing you to quickly swap Resources and change the Quantities required. If you don’t already have Plumbing & Heating Trade Edition, you can upgrade by calling 0117 916 7899.

To change a specified Resource, click on the Resource to select it ‐ it will become highlighted in yellow. Select an alternative Resource from the Resource Used drop down box. The Edit Resource dialog box pops up, allowing you to review the Usage Factor and Build Phase of the Resource.

When you select a different resource you will see the Edit Resource window, where you can change the usage factor, purchase quantity or build phase if needed.

Once you’re happy with these details, click OK and you are returned to the Resources Wizard where the new Resource is now specified. To alter the Quantity of a Resource, select the resource by clicking on it and type in the number required into the Quantity input box.

You can switch from Material to Labour, Plant, Subcontract and Sundry items by using the drop-down box at the bottom of the window.

You can add Resources from within a Resources Wizard. Simply click the 'New Resource' button and the Add Resource option pops up.

Enter the details of your new Resource (the details of the currently selected resource will be showing). In the Edit Resource dialog box, pay close attention to the Usage Factor. The new Resource is now available to use in the Workbook. The Resource is added to your Master Price Book as well as your Estimate Price Book, so your software is learning about the products you use as you add them on the fly.

John Rees