If you export your PlansXpress drawing to a PDF and it comes out blank or only showing part of the drawing first check if there is anything outside of your page border.

You can do this by clicking the zoom extents button in the top right corner of PlansXpress.

This will zoom out to show you everything in the drawing, if all is well you should see your plan taking up the screen from top to bottom (you will possibly have space at either side depending on the size of your screen).

If the zoom extents zooms out further it is an indication that there is something outside of the page border.  If you press the Ctrl key and A key on your keyboard (and then let go) it will select everything in the plan, this might help you locate any items outside of the page border.  Move the items within the page border if required or delete them from the plan.  Construction lines also need to be hidden or deleted.

Below is an example of a plan with a construction line after clicking the zoom extents button.

If there are no items outside of the page border the next thing to check is the printer settings.  The printer settings are used by the PDF export to set the scale of the drawing.

Click the drop-down button at the top left corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down to print and then wait for the print menu to pop out and click on Printer Settings.

On the Print Options window (shown below):

Tick Actual Scale and ensure that the scale is set the same as the drawing.

Tick Centre On Page.

Check that the orientation matches the orientation of your plan.

Finally set all your margins to 0.  You will probably get a warning message stating that margins are outside the printable area.  Click No on the message.

If you now try and export the PDF again you should find it produces a perfect PDF replica of your plan.

John Rees 26/03/2015