You may have noticed that the cost on the Summary Screen of an Estimate is different from the cost that appears in a Customer Quote. The reason for this is that the figure you see on the Summary page is what it'll cost you to execute the build and the figure you see on the final quote document includes profit and possibly VAT and inflation.

You can control the price that the customer is given in the following ways:

Changing the Inflation rate

On the Inflation tab, you can alter the rate of inflation and the week in which it will start being added to the job. You can change the default values for inflation in My Settings > My Profit & Inflation from the EstimatorXpress Main Menu.

On the Inflation screen, you can change the percentage inflation charged for each resource type. You can also change the 'Delay before inflating cost', that is the week of the job that you will start adding inflation.

Inflation is applied on a product by product basis. The date shown in the 'Date' column of the price book shows the last date on which the resource was altered. The quote wizard will apply inflation from this date to the date that the resource is ordered using the percentage found in the inflation tab as an annual percentage. Plant and Sundry resources are not updated as frequently as the Material and Labour resources so you may want to set their inflation percentages to zero. Resources that haven't been updated for four years will have four years of annual inflation added to them in the Quote unless you set the inflation percentage for that resource type to zero or choose not to include inflation in the Quote Wizard.

Subcontractor prices are mostly set at £1 per unit and because of the way the Subcontract Quotations Workbook operates they are never updated so you can set their inflation rate to zero.

You should also be aware that reports such as 'Sales Prince Including Profit' do not include inflation.

Changing the Profit

If you click the Profit tab you can visit the Profit screen and change the percentage of profit charged on each resource type.

Creating a Quote with/without Inflation and VAT

It is possible to create a Quote word printout with either inflation or VAT.

First click on the Reports tab and then click the Customer Quotes dropdown button.  Click either Quote Wizard by Build Phase or Quote Wizard by Workbook, whichever you prefer.

On the right-hand side of the Quote Wizard dialog box there is a tick box labelled Sales Price Including Inflation, tick this box to include inflation or make sure it is unticked to exclude inflation.

If you click Print you will then see the Method of charging VAT window: You can choose to create a  VAT Free quote, a quote with VAT at a percentage rate (20%) or a quote with VAT cost listed as an amount specified by value.

NOTE: If you try setting your profit to 0 and charging no inflation or VAT you will see the summary cost matches the cost given in the quote document.