EstimatorXpress® contains a feature which reduces the time it takes to estimate those items which don’t require you to enter dimensions -such as windows, doors, structural openings and certain plumbing and electric components.

The No. of Identical Items feature in the Workbook Summary allows you to enter the quantities without even opening the Worksheet! For example, once you've opened a Window Workbook, you can specify the number of windows you require in the Workbook Summary.

Simply enter the number of each size of window required in the white cell adjacent to each of the Worksheets. You no longer need to delete the Worksheets you don’t need; simply enter 0 next to any items you don’t require.

The same principle applies to Pipe Workbooks in EstimatorXpress® Plumbing and Heating Trade Edition. Simply enter the number of metres of pipe required in the Length of Pipe column of the Workbook Summary.

John Rees