Subcontract quotations can easily be added to your quote using the Subcontract Quotations Workbook or by adding a Subcontract Resource as a Sundry Item to any Workbook.

The easiest way to add subcontract quotations to your Estimate is to use the Subcontract Quotations Workbook. If the Workbook isn't already in your Estimate, click the Add Workbook button from the Summary tab, and select it from the list of Workbooks.


By default, the Subcontract Quotations Workbook already includes a Worksheet of the same name. 


This Worksheet contains a number of Subcontract Resources which you may want to add to your quote. These Resources are each listed at a cost of £1 per unit, meaning all you need to do is enter the amount required into the Quantity Per Item column (in white)


Each of the Resources is already be assigned to an appropriate Build Phase although you may wish to change it.  To do this, single click the Resource and click the Edit Resource button from the top menu. In the Edit Resource dialog box that appears, select the Build Phase you require.

You may also want to add another Subcontract Resource into the Subcontract Quotations Worksheet. To do this click on the Add Resources drop-down menu, then on Add Subcontract. When adding the additional Subcontract Resource, the Edit Resource dialog box will pop up, allowing you to select a Build Phase and set the price of the quote.


It's also possible to add a Subcontract Resource as a Sundry Item to other Worksheets. To do this, from the Resources Output screen (If you are in a Workbook with a dimensional input section click the View Resources Output button to get to the Resources Output screen), click on the Add Resources drop-down and select Add Subcontract.  Then simply select a Subcontract Resource the same as before, selecting the appropriate Build Phase and entering the value of the subcontract quote in the Quantity Per Item column on the Resources Output screen.

John Rees