If you are looking to get more out of the Quote Wizard clicking the more button is a good place to start. Clicking this button will give you access to additional options to tailor your customers quote.

The first thing you will notice after clicking the “More” button is you are now presented with a list of build phases that will appear in the quote, each one with a tick box next to it. By default, all of these boxes should be ticked.

By un-ticking a box you can choose to not show the full description and breakdown of the phase in your quote, instead the total and a brief description for the phase or phases that have been un-ticked will be included as a section entitled ‘Additional Charges’ at the bottom of the quotation.

After clicking the “More” button, you will also notice three extra buttons appear towards the bottom of the Quote Wizard window.

Resource Display Settings

Using the resource display settings you can limit the information given about certain resources. For example, we might want to leave material ticked but un-tick labour. This will give the customer a full description of materials but a very general overview of the labour tasks to be carried out. You will also notice that within the “Resource Display Settings” you can change the threshold value for labour and plant. By default, these are set to £10 and £15 meaning that any labour under £10 and any plant under £15 will be included in the quote but grouped with similar items and given a collective description.

Resources in Quote

By clicking “Resources in Quote” you can choose which resources to include or not include in the quote. You might find this useful when needing to produce a labour only quotation, to do this simply produce your quote as usual then un-tick all resources other than Labour and maybe Plant if you are going to be providing this.

Advanced Options

The Advanced Options button is only available when you have Key Resources Specified.

The Advanced Options window again gives you the option to show or hide resources included in each build phase. These resources are divided by the resource type with each type having its own tab along the top of the window. The build phase you are editing is displayed at the top left of the window By clicking the Edit Text button at the top right of the screen you can edit the text used for the build phase.

To preview how the phase will be displayed in the final quote just click Preview Paragraph and Selected Resources.

To move onto the next build phase click Next, click Back to go back to the previous build phase and when you're done editing your build phases click Finish.

John Rees