Although EstimatorXpress costs material, labour and plant as default it's possible to print a labour or material only quote from an estimate.

With your estimate open click on the Reports tab (under the main).


Then click the Customer Quotes drop-down button and then Quote Wizard by Workbook.


Click the More button at the bottom left corner of the Quote Wizard window.

You will now see there are a few more buttons available. Click the Resources in Quote button.

You can now untick resources types apart from Material or Labour. In fact you can tick or untick any of the resource types to create a quote including only the ticked resource types.

NOTE: All resource types will still be in the estimate, but only ticked resources types in the Resource Types to Include window will be included in the quote word document.

Click OK to close the Resource Types to Include window then click the Print button to print your quote.

John Rees