This quick tutorial will show you how to easy add multiple resources to the sundry items section of a workbook in the Resources Output Screen.

Within your estimate open the workbook (and then the worksheet) which you are going to add your extra resources into.


When you have the worksheet open click on the View Resources Output button to open the Resources Output screen. If you have opened a Composite Items Workbook you will go straight to the Resources Output screen when you open the worksheet.


The Resources Output screen will show you all the materials and labour used in your worksheet.

From the top menu click on Add Resources and then click Add Multiple Resources. You will now see this Add Multiple Products window.

The two drop-down menus at the top of the window allow you to filter what resources are displayed in the list.

The left drop-down box lets you filter by Resource Type. You can switch between Material, Labour, Plant, Subcontractor or Sundry.

The drop-down box on the right is only visible when Resource Type is set to Material and allows you to filter the list based upon Material Type.

To select the resources you want to add you can tick as many tick boxes on the left as required. Click OK to add these resources. You will now be shown the Edit Resource window for the first of the resources you have selected. Simply fill in the Item used for text box, Quantity (paying attention to the Usage Units) and select a Build Phase.

Click OK. Another Edit Resource window will pop up for the next resource. After repeating the process for each resource, you will see they have been added to the Sundry Items section of the Resources Output screen.

You should notice that the cells in the Sundry Items for and Quantity Per Item column are white meaning you can change them from within the Resources Output screen (as well as using the Edit Resource button).

John Rees