The Mass Editing Tools allow you to directly edit the prices of existing resources as well as edit adjustments and their VAT rate. The Mass Editing Tools drop-down menu can be found in the Price Book tab within an estimate and within the Price Book in My Settings.

Edit Prices


The Edit Prices tool allows you to change the price of an existing resource without having to work out the correct adjustment. After selecting Edit Prices from the drop down menu you will notice that the Purchase Cost column turns white. This means the column is now unlocked and you can simply type the new prices directly into the cells.

When you close the Price Book (or move to another tab) you will see this notice pop-up.


If you click Yes then any price changes you have made will be stored as an adjustment. This will leave the list price the same but calculate the adjustment needed to match the price you have entered. This will mean that when a Price Download is carried out the list price will change and the same adjustment will then be applied to it.

Alternatively clicking No will mean that the actual list price will be saved and future Price Downloads will not affect the price of the resource.

Edit Adjustments

Edit Adjustments allows you to apply a percentage increase or decrease to resources. Clicking Edit Adjustments will change the Adjustment column to white and allow you to edit the adjustments, for example, to increase the price by 10% enter '10'. (Remember you can single click a cell with an adjustment in and drag the adjustment up or down to apply the adjustment to multiple products)

VAT Adjustment

The VAT Adjustment tool allows you to quickly change the VAT on resources from one value to another. For example, if you were to select 17.5% from the From drop-down and 20% from the To drop-down and then hit OK it would change any resources with VAT currently at 17.5% to 20%. Any resource with a different rate to the one selected from the From drop-down will be unaffected

John Rees