The first step in changing the Quote Wizard font settings is to open your estimate and go to the Reports tab.

In version 8.05 onwards you will now find the Quote Wizard by clicking the button labelled Word Printouts. For this example I’m using Quote Wizard by Build Phase, however, the process is exactly the same if you prefer to use Quote Wizard by Workbook.


The Quote Wizard window will then pop up, click the More button in the bottom left of the screen.

The window should then extend slightly displaying additional buttons, now click the Preferences button.

You should now have the Preferences window on the screen. Clicking on Page Setup will then display the Quote Page Setup window.

This finally brings us to the Quote Page Setup window.

As you should now be able to see you can change the font used in the Quote from the drop-down box labelled Font Name. You can also change the font size used for various parts of the quote. You can, of course, make these changes within MS Word after the Quote has been created, however changing the font name and size within the Quote Wizard means you won’t have to make these changes every time.

When you are done changing the settings click OK then OK again to return to the Quote Wizard window and continue with producing your Quote.

John Rees