This is a list of the major changes in this version of BuildingWorks. It contains new and improved features as well as issues that have been resolved.

All subscribers can download it from now.


  • New functionality allowing you to rotate PDF plans as part of the Scan & Trace import process. You can easily rotate by 90° if the PDF has been generated sideways or you can specify an exact angle, useful if the plans have been scanned and are not quite straight.
  • New drawing repair tool to check for anomalies in your drawing:
    • Check for zero length walls with option to delete
    • Check for items in the estimate but not in the drawing with option to delete
    • Check for zero area levels with option to delete
    • Check if walls/roof lines are at the edge of a level or intersect the levels outline
    • Check if walls with foundations/footings are on a level with a base height greater than zero
      This can be found on the Architectural ribbon tab:
  • Fixed an issue when trying to select multiple items on a drawing when there was rotated text or vertical dimensions present on the drawing


  • Fixed an issue where user added sundry items were not being assigned to build phases correctly