This is a list of the major changes in this version of BuildingWorks. It contains new and improved features as well as issues that have been resolved.

All subscribers can download it from now.


  • When placing an image on a hidden layer that layer is now automatically shown.
  • Fixed an issue where during a scan & trace import the current selections layer would be changed to a scan & trace layer.
  • Fixed building notes drop order when adding folders of notes.
  • Added new function to the drawing repair tool to restore symbols for extra item entities.
  • Fixed error in property panel when an extra item symbol was not available.


  • Fixed an issue with decking specifications. Entering zero for some of the dimensions could cause errors.
  • Fixed an issue where steel beams in structural openings were being double counted twice in NRM output.
  • Fixed an issue when saving a specification from a job back to the library. If the specification contains thermal assemblies where some resources have been set to 'supplied by client', they could become corrupt.


  • If a report has the job name field visible all current jobs will be added to the filter if no current jobs are in the filter list. This would have resulted in blank reports in the past as the filter would not contain any current job names.

Bill of Quantities

  • New advanced export to Excel. Supports data entry for rates or costs with formulae for automatic calculations. Data input cells can be highlighted for ease of use.
  • New price option to show prices excluding profit.
  • Font styles are now user settings.
  • Renamed 'TOTAL (Building works, including M&E engineering services)' to 'TOTAL' in summary section.


  • Quote by Specification: improved sort order for specification groupings, options are now as follows: Build Phase Start Date / Name / Custom
  • Added a warning if there are unspecified build phases in quote by build phase.
  • Fixed issue with unspecified build phases causing an error in some quotes.


  • Updated product pricing. When opening existing projects you will asked if you want to apply these updated prices to your project or not.
  • The settings window can now be resized.
  • Fixed an issue with the saving of window size and locations - window placement settings from previous versions will be lost.
  • When closing an unsaved recovered project a warning message is shown to confirm you really want to discard the project.
  • Auto save will not show the splash screen if BuildingWorks is inactive - if the software is re-activated during the auto save the splash screen will be shown.
  • Fixed an issue where the software could hang if loading a second project in the same session.