In BuildingWorks you can share a licence between different Users (or computers).  

Only one User at a time can access a licence - if 2 or more people need simultaneous access to BuildingWorks then you will need multiple licences.

This short video shows you how one User can log out of the software, and how to then assign the licence to another User. A User can be another person, or a second machine for the original user (for example).  Each User needs a unique email address, so if it is the same person using multiple computers, that person will need 2 or more different email addresses. Each licence can have up to 5 Users assigned.  

The video also covers how to create a new User and assign them Management Roles.  You can create Users who do not actually use the software, but need access to the Account screen - a company accountant for example who needs to download the subscription invoices.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Click Assign Licences in the Navigation

Step 2: Click to create new user

Step 3: Complete New User Details

Step 4: Click Create

Step 5: Licence in Use

Step 6: Unassign Licence

Step 7: Unassign Licence by selecting 'Yes'

Step 8: Click Assign to Assign to other User 

Step 9: Select user from the list

Step 10: You're all done!