Do you want to use your BuildingWorks licence on more than 1 computer?
A common scenario is that you have BuildingWorks installed on your work computer and also on a computer at home.

Your BuildingWorks licence uses our named concurrent licence model, meaning that you can use BuildingWorks with your licence on any computer as long as only 1 computer at a time is being used.

Follow the instructions below to enable you to move your licence between computers.


You have been working on your BuildingWorks software at the office, it is time to go home but you still need to get your quote out by tomorrow morning.

On your work computer go to the main menu by closing the software and re-opening it.
Click on your username in the top right corner and select the "Sign Out" option. This then frees up your licence to be used by another computer.

When you get home, start up your BuildingWorks software.

You might get prompted for your email address and password. If so, then enter the same details that you were using on your work computer.

You can now work on your home computer.

REMEMBER: At the end of the night you need to do the same "Sign Out" process as above so that you can sign into BuildingWorks on your work computer in the morning.

You can configure BuildingWorks to automatically perform this sign out process on each of the computers that you use.

Click on the cog icon at the top of the main BuildingWorks window to open up the settings screen.

Go to General > Software Licence on the left and tick the "Automatically sign out of BuildingWorks when the software closes" tickbox.