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VersionEstimatorXpress 2023 v.10.4.1540 for Windows 10/11
File Size692MB
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Important Installation Notes:

If you are using EstimatorXpress in conjunction with PlansXpress then please ensure that you are running PlansXpress 2023 to be compatible with this release of EstimatorXpress.

EstimatorXpress 2023 Version 10.4.1540 - Released 22nd April 2024

  • Integration with BuildProjex.

EstimatorXpress 2023 Version 10.4.1537 - Released 4th January 2024

  • Bug fixes

EstimatorXpress 2023 Version 10.4.1530 - Released 14th December 2023

  • Improvements to the quote output when explaining the specification of the new wall estimating calculators
  • The 'Cost Breakdown' dialog now works fully with the new wall estimating calculators

EstimatorXpress 2023 Version 10.4.1511 - Released 8th November 2023

  • New button added to a wall wizard's mini-spec editing screen to access the usage factor calculator
  • New button added to the price book selection screen accessed through a wall wizard to add a new resource into the price book

EstimatorXpress 2023 Version 10.4.1506 - Released 30th October 2023

  • All new wall estimating calculators to allow for greater flexibility in specification, and ease of swapping to different systems.  Options added to price for a plinth and a parapet.  Timber frame walls priced all in one place, as well as cladding applied directly to the wall, rather than requiring separate allowances.
  • New external wall types added including:
    • Brick & Timber Frame
    • Brick Outbuilding
    • Clad Block Cavity
    • Clad Block Solid
    • Clad SIPS
    • Clad Timber Frame
    • Rendered Block and Timber Frame
    • Rendered Block Outbuilding (with piers)
    • Rendered SIPS
    • Rendered Timber Frame
    • Stone & Timber Frame
    • Stone Clad Outbuilding
  • New Internal wall types including:
    • Block & ICF
    • Block & SIPS
    • Block & Timber Frame
    • Timber Frame Party Wall
  • External finish options added including:
    • Brick slips
    • Cedar cladding
    • Tile cladding
    • Fibre cement cladding
    • Metal cladding
    • PVC cladding
    • Dry dash render
    • Silicone render
    • Timber cladding
  • New internal finish options added including:
    • Double layer plasterboard
    • Single & double layer tile backer board
    • Insulated plasterboard
    • Additional wet plastering options
  • Option to save commonly used assumptions and omissions paragraphs to a library for easy access in future jobs
  • Additional file recovery option
  • Option for raft foundation within a standard quote template
  • Streamlined job creation wizard
  • Improved default specification choices for standard templates based on external finish option and specification selected