The Single Leaf Internal Wall Estimating Calculator is a flexible wall estimating calculator which estimates the material, labour and plant required to construct a wide range of single skin internal wall assemblies, including those constructed with:

  • Aerated block
  • Dense block
  • ICF

Take care when selecting the wall assembly. Assemblies labelled “Extension/Renovation” are suitable for an extension or renovation project. Wall assemblies without the Extension/Renovation label should be used for new build projects. For garages, select a wall assembly labelled “Garage”.

From the Wall Dimensions Wizard, you can swap any of the wall mini-spec options including the structural leaf, internal finish and decoration, and the details below DPC if appropriate. If parapets are required, you can also specify the options for them as well. Set any items which aren’t required to “Not Required”.

Using the tabs across the top of the screen, review the dimensions and estimating options for the walls, openings, gables and so on.

The information taken from the wall specification options, along with the dimensions set in the Wall Dimensions Wizard, will be used to calculate the following items:

  • All Materials, as determined by the chosen wall assembly and mini-spec options.
  • All Labour associated with the above.