The Pocket Door estimating calculator estimates the materials, labour and plant required to fit pocket doors.

Select from the pocket door options in the Internal Doors dropdown menu. Using the door specifier, select the door and lintel(s) before entering the number of doors required downstairs and upstairs. For example, if you were estimating four single internal doors downstairs, you would enter 4. This multiplies all materials, labour and associated costs by four.

Once the door and lintel(s) have been selected, the estimating calculator will estimate the following items:

  • Door(s)
  • Frame kit
  • Self-closing mechanism
  • Lintel(s)
  • Frame fixings
  • Plastering
  • Decorating
  • Plus, all labour associated with the above

This estimating calculator is linked to the specification. Resources relating to the structural opening and finishes are taken from the job specification.