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Support for PlansXpress 2022 ends 13th October 2025.

PlansXpress 2022 Version 5.5.1394 - Released 13th October 2022

  • Most door menu options have been replaced to allow you to pick the specific door required, choose the door frame (where relevant), choose from various types of lintels or steels & choose a cavity closer (where relevant).
  • New door options added so that any door can be chosen and priced (in conjunction with EstimatorXpress) to be placed into an existing wall - either forming a new opening or replacing an existing door.
  • New door options added:
    • Internal Door
    • Internal Door to Existing Wall
    • Fire Door
    • Fire Door to Existing Wall
    • Double Internal Door
    • Double Internal Door to Existing Wall
    • Double Fire Door
    • Double Fire Door to Existing Wall
    • External Door
    • External Door to Existing Wall
    • Bi-fold Patio Door
    • Bi-fold Patio Door to Existing Wall
    • French Door
    • French Door to Existing Wall
    • Sliding Patio Door
    • Sliding Patio Door to Existing Wall
  • The four options for structural openings have been replaced to allow you to choose more easily from a variety of steels or lintels to use above the opening.  New structural opening options added:
    • Structural Openings to Existing Wall
    • Structural Openings to New Wall
  • 2 new flooring options added for any shaped suspended or beam and block floors.  You can now press the 'F' key to fill a space enclosed by walls with a floor.  This is particularly useful for floor areas with non-orthogonal edges, such as walk-in bays.
  • Building regulation notes have been completely overhauled to be more detailed, and relevant for the latest changes to the regulations.

PlansXpress 2022 Version 5.5.1376 - Released 29th August 2022

  • Improvements to the presentation of the Specification Notes to be imported from EstimatorXpress.

PlansXpress 2022 Version 5.5.1371 - Released 17th June 2022

  • NEW Single Pocket Doors available to be drawn.
  • NEW context menu option on any entity to 'Hide the layer for this entity' so that its quick & easy to hide certain things once you've placed them like floors or ceilings or floor/roof accessories etc.
  • NEW Air Source Heat Pump symbols available to be placed (and estimated if using in conjunction with EstimatorXpress)
  • NEW Heat Pump Cylinder & Heat Pump system Components symbols available to be placed (and estimated if using in conjunction with EstimatorXpress)
  • NEW Electric vehicle Charging Point symbol available to be placed (and estimated if using in conjunction with EstimatorXpress)
  • NEW Waste Water Heat Recovery symbols available to be placed (and estimated if using in conjunction with EstimatorXpress)
  • Various bug fixes.

PlansXpress 2022 Version 5.5.1349 - Released 14th April 2022

  • Fixed an issue with Photo3D whereby the real-time display would show walls as being transparent if using an AMD graphics controller
  • Improved conversion of wall dormers from PlansXpress 2021 to 2022 drawing format
  • Improved handling of a hipped roof that wraps around a building
  • Roof texture will now be aligned to an eaves line if the eaves is not vertical or horizontal in the drawing
  • Restored the option to edit text by double-clicking on it
  • Issue with windows placed in a gablet wall not forming an opening in the 3D fixed
  • Issue with a door losing its estimating data when a wall containing it is copied using the standard copy & paste method fixed

PlansXpress 2022 Version 5.5.1341 - Released 30th March 2022

  • Added a different 3D texture for a concrete slab
  • Added options to the copy selection process to select what to do with any stairs being copied
  • Added additional items to an IFC export including rooflights, skylights & roof windows
  • Added control of the gutters and downpipes into the visibility tick box for roofs in the 3D preview
  • Fixed some potential issues with the 'Copy Selection' dialog and process
  • Restored the intended functionality to the 'Specification Notes' button

PlansXpress 2022 Version 5.5.1321 - Released 10th March 2022

  • Brand new roofing tools to handle more complex roof lines
  • Improved ease of use including new roof editing tools you can apply to your roof on the fly without having to completely redraw.
  • New roofs such as Mansard, Dutch Gable and Gambrel
  • Brand new 3D roofing symbols to enhance 3D outputs including
    • Ridge tiles
    • Flashing - horizontal or stepped
    • Gable end detailing (cement gable fillet or dry verge system)
    • Box valleys
    • Gutters and downpipes
    • Parapet Walls
  • Brand new IFC export to BIM Viewers for BIM compatibility (e.g. freeware BIM Vision)
  • Cuts holes in roofs when placing rooflights/chimney's etc for even more accurate estimation
  • Compatibility with your 2021 drawings and 'old roofs' drawn in a previous version.
  • Synchronisation and compatibility with EstimatorXpress 2022