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VersionEstimatorXpress 2022 v.10.3.1349 for Windows 7/8.1/10/11
File Size117MB
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Important Installation Notes:

If you are using EstimatorXpress in conjunction with PlansXpress then please ensure that you are running PlansXpress 2022 to be compatible with this release of EstimatorXpress.

EstimatorXpress 2022 Version 10.3.1349 - Released 17th June 2022

  • Specifications and relevant estimating calculators are now updated to help you comply with the latest building regulations that came into effect on 15th June 2022.
  • 6 NEW Air Source Heat Pump estimating calculators.
  • NEW Heat Pump cylinder estimating calculator.
  • NEW Heat Pump System Components estimating calculator.
  • 4 NEW Pocket Door estimating calculators - for single and double doors, for installation into new and existing walls.
  • NEW Electric Vehicle Charging Point estimating calculator.
  • NEW Waste Water Heat Recovery estimating calculator.
  • Improved default location for worksheets added through a quote template.
  • A link saying 'Mouseover to see dimensions' appears at the top of a quote template once the dimensions are out of sight so that you can easily view or edit them without needing to scroll back up to the top or the page.
  • The estimate wizard now shows you a thumbnail of the selected job template, rather than a generic preview image.
  • Smart Scheduler report 'Materials by Build Phase' is now ordered by order date.

EstimatorXpress 2022 Version 10.3.1330 - Released 10th March 2022

  • Smart Scheduler now features in Plus and Premium versions of EstimatorXpress 2022 as well as Ultimate editions if Support & Updates in place
  • Smart Scheduler now has the option for unpriced product descriptions in Smart Scheduler reports (requires Smart Scheduler option)
  • Speed optimisation when switching between reports
  • Ability to estimate new PlansXpress 2022 roofs including Mansard, Dutch Gable and Gambrel
  • Improved accuracy of estimation of PlansXpress 2022 roofs when placing roof lights/chimney's etc and the resulting 'holes' in the roofs
  • Import improvements of plans from PlansXpress 2022
    • Locations import into the Dimensions Wizard of EstimatorXpress
    • Better naming of imported data so you can easily identify what each item imported is
    • Doors and windows of identical specification will combine on import into EstimatorXpress
  • Brand new Mini Spec for tiling to Dormer Walls
  • Synchronisation and compatibility with PlansXpress 2022
  • Synchronisation and compatibility with Health & Safety Xpert 2022
  • Synchronisation and compatibility with ContractsXpert 2022
  • Synchronisation and compatibility with ProjectXpert 2022