Updating an older estimate with the latest material prices is easy to do in EstimatorXpress. First, a bit of theory so you understand what’s going on “under the bonnet”.

All jobs contain a copy of the Library Price Book in the state it was in when the job was created. For most users, the Library Price Book you use will be the Master Price Book, unless you have created your own Price Book. This article assumes you’ve selected the Master Price Book for your estimate. If you estimated a job 6 months ago, it will contain a 6-month-old copy of the Master Price Book. 

When the Master Price Book is changed - for example if you do a price download or if you edit the prices yourself - these changes are not automatically copied into the Price Book of your jobs. That’s because usually you’ll want to retain the original pricing in your jobs. However, you can choose to synchronise the Job Price Book with the Master Price Book to bring any price changes into a job. 

A common scenario for this would be if a customer has come back to you asking to go ahead with a job you quoted for a year ago, and you need to refresh the quote with today’s prices.

How to update a job with today’s prices:

1.    Open the Job.

2.    Click on Job Settings in the navigator menu on the left.

3.    Open the Material section of the Price Book. 

4.    Once in the Price Book, click the Synchronise Resources button on the top menu. 

You now have a series of synchronisation options.

5.    Firstly, choose which sections of the price book to synchronise. To refresh an estimate so it contains today’s material, labour, plant prices and so on, select the option to Synchronise ALL sections of the price book.

6.    Next, choose the direction of the synchronisation. Select From the library price book to this price book.

7.    The Master Price Book is selected by default so you can leave this as it is. If you had used your own Library Price Book, you could select it here.

8.    Finally, choose which resources you want to synchronise. To update the job with any price changes, click Synchronise ALL Resources. If you’re unsure when you last did a price download to your Master Price Book, tick Download the latest resource prices from the online catalogue. EstimatorXpress will download the latest prices before synchronising the price book, ensuring your job price book is up-to-date with the latest prices from our online catalogue. Click OK.

9.    Click on Main Estimate in the navigator menu on the left. You will be prompted to recalculate the estimate. Click Yes.

Once the recalculation is complete, your job will be up-to-date with the latest prices from your Master Price Book, including the latest prices from our online catalogue.