Welcome to the new Take-off and Estimate Training Course. During this course, we show you how to do a quick take-off of imported plans to produce an estimate using PlansXpress and EstimatorXpress. 

If you have attended the live course, you can use this video to retrace your steps through Module 2 at your own speed. You can of course pause the video at any point to give yourself extra time. You are welcome to use the training module videos without having attended the live course. Please note that you are only eligible for the Software Skills Certificate if you attend the live course.

In Module 2, you'll learn how to set up your Price Book and Specifications. You'll see how to set your labour rates and how to add and edit material prices. You'll find out how you can swap resources and edit usage factors within the Specifications. We'll also show you how to set the default overhead, profit and inflation rates.

Below the video, you will find copies of the example plans and shortcut key guide referred to in the video.