If you are running EstimatorXpress 2020 and want to get the latest version of EstimatorXpress you will need to upgrade online or call our Accounts Management Team on 0117 916 7892.

Support for ExtimatorXpress 2020 ends 12th January 2024

EstimatorXpress 2020 Version 10.1.1184 - Released 12th January 2021

  • If a resource from one of our merchant partners is removed, the software will swap back to using an HBXL Price Tracker+ alternative.

EstimatorXpress 2020 Version 10.1.1180 - Released 14th December 2020

  • Bug fixes.

EstimatorXpress 2020 Version 10.1.1163 - Released 20th October 2020

  • NEW Build Programme that will calculate how long the job will take you to complete, based on the size of the gangs that you employ.
  • NEW rounding tools to make sure that you're charging for full skips and full palettes of bricks within your job.
  • Added an option in the written quote to choose to show/hide detailed breakdown based on the estimating calculator that was used to price up the work.
  • NEW 'Covid-19 Control Costs' estimating calculator.

EstimatorXpress 2020 Version 10.1.1084 - Released 24th June 2020

  • Added a button in a quote template to allow you to see a graphical breakdown of resources in the job by build phase and estimating calculator.  Also there is a new data report with various options to filter the data and to edit/change the resource, edit the usage factor and change the build phase - directly from the report. 
  • Updated the total cost in a quote template to give you a breakdown of cost, overhead & profit, and sale price.  2 graphs giving you a quick breakdown of the price (by build phase and estimating calculator) available by holding your mouse over the job's price.

  • Added a button from within a quote template to open up any estimating calculator in a popup window to quickly review/edit resources and to add in sundry items.  Using this button to open up an opening's estimating calculator and then renaming the worksheet will update the description of the opening within the quote template (useful if you have lots of similar sized structural openings for example).

  • Added back in 2 garage quote templates that were recently removed from the software (in error).

  • Added resource wizard buttons to the remaining sections of a quote template that were missing them until now, including from within rooms.

  • Improved the resources wizard to include multiple tabs giving you a graphical breakdown of resources in the worksheet by build phase and type of resource.  Also added a data report with various options to filter the data and to edit/change the resource, edit the usage factor and change the build phase - directly from the report.  Holding your mouse over the total cost on the resources wizard will give you a breakdown of how many columns of data are on the worksheet that you're viewing the specification for.

  • Added buttons to an estimating calculator to allow you to move a column of data into a different worksheet, to allow you to group columns of data into different resource specifications or to combine them together if required.

  • Added a setting in EstimatorXpress Options to allow you to change the build phase of a sundry item based on it having a particular 'item used for' description.  Commonly requested to allow for moving of 'return to ease door' out of the Completion build phase.

  • Added a setting in EstimatorXpress Options to prevent lines of data with a quantity of zero from being exported to the reports so that the build phase can be removed from the build programme.

  • Added a setting in EstimatorXpress Options to remove the 'Don't Save' option when closing a job (or the software) to prevent losing work by clicking the wrong button by mistake.

  • Rename column button added to the dimensions tab of an estimating calculator.

  • New shortcut of Ctrl+K added to the dimensions tab of an estimating calculator to enable copying of a cell's value into other columns.

  • Copying a column in the dimensions tab of an estimating calculator now places the copied column next to the column that you're copying, rather than moving it to the end of the list.

  • Added an option to the quote to supress the location from the detail of the estimating calculators.

  • Ordering of resources in the quote when selecting to not sort the rows of data now defaults to the order of the lines as they appear in the estimating calculators.

  • Various bug fixes.

EstimatorXpress 2020 Version 10.1.1034 - Released 3rd April 2020

  • New Solar Panel Bonus Pack now available, brought to you by Comera Energy.  The Solar Panel Bonus Pack will enable you to select from a range of different size solar panel configurations for your customers, including the costs of installation, brought to you in conjunction with our partners Comera Energy.

EstimatorXpress 2020 Version 10.1.1015 - Released 25th March 2020

  • As you scroll through the 'Quote for Main Estimate' or 'Building Regs Notes' documents the settings on the right hand side now dynamically change to be relevant to the page that you're viewing.

EstimatorXpress 2020 Version 10.1.1008 - Released 23rd March 2020

  • Estimating using Rooms from within a Quote Template now gives you the option to run the Resources Wizard.
  • Invoicing - You can now perform a valuation of work completed having taken an initial deposit for the job and have the invoice amount take account of that deposit in its calculation.

EstimatorXpress 2020 Version 10.1.983 - Released 9th March 2020

  • New estimating calculators
    • Lintels below ground
    • Universal Flat Roof Renovation
    • Pitched Roof Ceiling Renovation
    • Wall Upgrade Dense Block Internal Leaf
    • Fire Rated Timber Stud Wall
    • Insulated Block Wall Finished on One Side
    • Wall Upgrade Internal Studwork Leaf
    • Wall Upgrade Lightweight Block Internal Leaf
    • Floor Screed to Existing Slab
    • Floating Floor to Existing Slab
    • Slab Bearing Timber Ground Floor
    • Suspended Timber Ground Floor to Existing Building
  • New specification tools which allow you to apply multiple specifications to the job:
    • At job type level
    • At estimating calculator level
  • A built-in spell checker is available on the following screens:
    • Assumptions & Omissions
    • Provisional Sums
    • Quote 
    • Building Regulation notes
  • Extended range of steel columns & posts