The Plant for Timber Frame Estimating Calculator is designed for use with PlansXpress. This Estimating Calculator estimates the plant required to construct timber frame.

If you are estimating completely within EstimatorXpress (i.e. not using PlansXpress), you will not need to use this estimating calculator. The Internal Timber Frame Studding, Internal Timber Frame Studding for Gable, Timber Frame Panel and Timber Frame Panel for Gable Estimating Calculators allow you to estimate your plant requirements, including the crane. 

If you have created your estimate based on a PlansXpress drawing, the data for the timber frame is imported into multiple separate EstimatorXpress Estimating Calculators. You will need to review the PlansXpress Internal Timber Frame Estimating Calculator and PlansXpress Timber Frame Estimating Calculator.

The Plant for Timber Frame Frame Estimating Calculator calculates the follow items:

  • Crane
  • Sling
  • Banksman

The Plant for Timber Frame Estimating Calculator is not linked to the specifications.