The Concrete Retaining Wall Estimating Calculator is linked to the Specification. It is used to calculate the Labour, Materials and Plant costs associated with Concrete Retaining Walls.

The Concrete Retaining Wall Estimating Calculator calculates the following items:

  • Geotextile
  • Sub-base and blinding
  • Foundations
  • Shuttering
  • Concrete
  • Reinforcement and Spacers
  • DPM
  • Land Drains
  • Plus all labour associated with the above


  • You must pay particular attention to the type of reinforcement you specify as this can cause significant differences in cost.
  • You must also pay careful attention to the depth and characteristics of the foundation and the method of disposing of spoil as very large differences in cost can arise from the need for deep foundations which require expensive shoring and large amounts of excavated waste disposal.