The PlansXpress Brick Piers Estimating Calculator is designed for use with PlansXpress. It is not recommended that you use this Estimating Calculator solely for estimating brick piers within EstimatorXpress. Instead, use the Multileaf Brick Wall or Garden Wall Estimating Calculator which allow you to estimate brick piers as you estimate the multileaf brick wall.

If you have created your Estimate based on a PlansXpress Job, this Estimating Calculator estimates the Material, Labour and Plant associated with brick piers, but not the main wall. The main wall is dealt with in the relevant Wall Estimating Calculator.

The PlansXpress Brick Piers Estimating Calculator is linked to the Specification. Therefore, many of the items required for brick piers are specified by the Specification. The combination of information taken from the Specification and the dimensions will calculate the following items automatically:

  • Foundations
  • Underground blockwork
  • Below DPC brickwork
  • DPCs
  • Above ground brickwork
  • Brick ties
  • Plus all labour associated with the above