The Underfloor Heating in Joists Estimating Calculator calculates the Labour and Material required to fit underfloor heating systems, connected either directly to the boiler or to the radiator loop, into suspended floors.

Use this Estimating Calculator to estimate the following items:

  • Batten/joist straight panel
  • Loop return panel
  • Plastic L bracket
  • Barrier pipe

and either:

  • Control packs for connections to heating primary feed


  • Single room water mixing control

plus the following components, if required:

  • Y connectors
  • Isolating ball valves
  • Control packs including pump
  • Port manifolds
  • Port thermometers
  • Actuators
  • Wiring centres
  • LCD thermostats
  • LCD thermostats with timer
  • Plus all labour associated with the above

This Estimating Calculator is not linked to the Specifications.

Select the appropriate template for the type of feed you are using. Enter the dimensions of the floor and the length of pipe required per square metre. Enter the number of circuit control packs, and other components, required.


  • To estimate underfloor heating into floating floors, use the Underfloor Heating in Floating Floor Estimating Calculator.
  • To estimate underfloor heating into screed, use the Underfloor Heating in Screed Estimating Calculator.