The Subcontract Quotations Estimating Calculator allows you to enter lump sum figures for tasks contracted out to subcontractors. The Subcontract Quotations Estimating Calculator is based on the Composite Estimating Calculator and is simply a checklist of possible subcontract costs including:

  • Groundworks quotation
  • Bricklayer quotation
  • Scaffolding quotation
  • Carpentry quotation
  • Roof Tiling quotation
  • Joinery quotation
  • Plastering quotation
  • Electrical quotation
  • Plumbing quotation
  • Ceramic tiling quotation
  • Decorating quotation
  • Kitchen fitting quotation
  • Landscape quotation
  • General quotation
  • Specialist quotation


  • You can add your own lump sum figures for any task not covered by those listed above, by using the General Quotation or Specialist Quotation.
  • This Estimating Calculator is NOT linked to the Specification.