The Universal SIPS Roof Estimating Calculator is used to calculate SIP roof structures.  This Estimating Calculator can be used to estimate the Labour, Materials, Plant and associated costs involved in constructing a structural insulated panel roof of any shape.

The Universal SIPS Roof Estimating Calculator calculates the following items:

  • Carcassing timber
  • Fascias and guttering
  • Tiling, felt undercloak and lead work
  • Guttering and down pipes
  • Plastering and insulation
  • Internal and external decorating
  • Plus all labour associated with the above

All of the items required for the Universal SIPS Roof are specified from the Specification.

To estimate a roof using the Universal SIPS Roof, enter dimensions as appropriate. Note that not all of the options will be relevant to every roof as they allow for a range of possible roof shapes.