The Full Hip Truss Roof Estimating Calculator is used to calculate the Labour, Materials and Plant and costs associated with hip truss roofs.

The Full Hip Truss Roof Estimating Calculator calculates the following items:

  • Roof trusses and bracing
  • Fascias and guttering
  • Tiling, sarking, felt undercloak and leadwork
  • Plastering and insulation
  • Internal and external decorating
  • Plus all labour associated with the above


  • Depending on the dimensions that you enter into the estimating calculator you may or may not estimate for a section of ridge between the 2 hip ends of the roof.
  • Please pay particular attention to the Usage Factor for the roof tiling, which is highly variable for both labour and material and are particularly dependant on the roof tile selected.
  • In addition, you should pay attention to the costs of the roof trusses, since their costs vary depending on the pitch and span.
  • To estimate for just one end of a hip roof use the Half Hip Truss Roof Estimating Calculator.
  • The Full Hip Truss Roof can be used in conjunction with other roof types to create more complex roofs. Alternatively, you can use the Universal Truss Roof Estimating Calculator to estimate complex roofs which cannot easily be broken down into their constituent parts.