The Bathroom and Cloaks Estimating Calculator is used to calculate the Labour, Materials and costs associated with installing various bathrooms or cloakrooms when the exact suites have not been defined, or you do not wish to specify them exactly within the estimate.

The Bathroom and Cloaks Estimating Calculator calculates the following items:

  • Bath
  • Basin
  • WC and seat
  • Bidet
  • Shower cubicle & tray
  • Traps
  • Plus all labour associated with the above

You should review each item to see whether they are required, and to check that the quantities and prices are adequate.

This Estimating Calculator is NOT linked to the Specifications.


  • Ceramic tiling and the actual plumbing of the sanitaryware should be estimated in the Ceramic Tiling Estimating Calculator and Plumbing & Heating Estimating Calculator respectively.
  • If you have the Plumbing and Heating Trade Edition you should estimate for the Taps and pipework in the relevant Estimating Calculators.  If you do not then you should make an allowance for these items either in the Plumbing and Heating Estimating Calculator or in the Subcontract Quotations Estimating Calculator.
  • This Estimating Calculator is only making allowances for the costs of each piece of sanitaryware.  If you use this Estimating Calculator, it is advisable that you specify your assumptions in the customer quote as a PC Sum.