The Soakaway Estimating Calculator estimates the Materials and Labour associated with constructing a pre-fabricated soakaway.

This Estimating Calculator calculates the following items:

  • Excavation of soakaway and removal of spoil
  • Concrete base
  • Soakaway sections
  • Soakaway cover slab
  • Regulating brickwork
  • Soakaway cover
  • Plus all the labour associated with the above


  • The cost of the excavator and any other plant (other than spoil removal) should be included in the Drainage Plant Estimating Calculator which is concerned with the overall excavation of drainage systems.
  • Once dimensions have been defined for the size of the excavation, you must also check the size and number of soakaway sections to provide the requisite soakaway depth.
  • This Estimating Calculator is NOT linked to the Specifications.