The Tiled Sides for Wall Dormer Estimating Calculator estimates the Material and Labour associated with constructing the sides of clad wall dormers.The Tiled Sides for Wall Dormer Estimating Calculator estimates the cost of:

  • Timber studding and noggings to dormer sides
  • Internal and external membranes
  • Tiling to dormer sides
  • Plasterboard and skim to dormer sides
  • Insulation to dormer sides
  • Fixings to dormer sides
  • Plus all labour associated with the above

All Dormer Estimating Calculators are linked to the Specification.


  • The Tiled Dormer Walls Estimating Calculator only calculates the side walls of the dormer.
  • The front wall, roof and window are not included and should be estimated separately using the standard wall, roof and dormer window estimating calculators respectively.
  • Studding and associated plastering underneath the dormer within the loft etc. should be estimated using the Cut or Truss Roof Attic Interior Conversion Estimating Calculator together with the Sloping Stud Wall Estimating Calculator.
  • Particular attention should also be paid to the labour hours for constructing and cladding the dormer which could vary widely depending on a variety of factors.
  • You should also ensure that adequate time is allowed for opening up of existing roofs in the event of an alteration to an existing property.