The Shop Door Estimating Calculator estimate the Materials, Labour and Plant associated with Shop Doors.

This Estimating Calculator is linked to the Specification. Therefore many of the items required for the door are specified from the Specification you have chosen. These items deal with the structural opening and the finishes.

You will see that the Shop Door Estimating Calculator is set up to ready for the user to select individual shop doors and associated glazing from the Price Book. Individual shop doors must first be created within the Price Book.

The combination of Resources taken from the Specification and the dimensional information will calculate the following items automatically:

  • Frame fixings
  • Threshold board
  • DPCs
  • Plastering
  • Decorating

To estimate multiple doors of the same size and specification, enter the number of doors when prompted. For example, if you were estimating two Shop Doors, you would enter 2. This multiplies all Materials, Labour and other associated Resources by two and subsequently doubles the cost.


  • You should check all the pre-specified items, and in particular any items that are highlighted in red to show that they are “critical items” which are listed in the Calculated Resources tab of the Estimating Calculator.
  • If the size of the opening is changed you must check the suitability of the door, frame and lintel. Carefully scrutinise the Sundry Resources tab. This section covers the more freeform aspects of the door such as the door type, furniture, lintels, sills and labour for fixing the door which are not necessarily directly linked to the dimensions you have entered.