The Crystal Direct Conservatory with Gable Estimating Calculator estimates the Materials, Labour and Plant required to fit a conservatory.

This Estimating Calculator is linked to the Specifications. Therefore many of the items required for the conservatory are specified from the Specification you have chosen.

To complete an estimate in the Crystal Direct Conservatory with Gable Estimating Calculator, you enter dimensional information into the Worksheet.  The combination of resources taken from the Specification and the dimensional information will then calculate the following items automatically:

  • Conservatory
  • Fixings
  • Window boards
  • Decorating
  • Plus all labour associated with the above


  • This Estimating Calculator only calculates the cost of the conservatory, fixings, flashings, window boards including decorating of window boards.  You must add estimating calculators to cover the cost of dwarf walls, flooring, (e. g. concrete slab) and any structural openings into the main house if appropriate.