The Custom Size Bay Window Estimating Calculator estimates the materials, labour and plant required to fit bay windows of any size. You may choose to use this option if there isn’t a suitable sized window in the various Bay Window templates.

This Estimating Calculators is linked to the specification. Therefore, many of the items required for the windows are specified from the specification you have chosen. These items deal with the structural opening and the finishes.

The combination of resources taken from the specification and the dimensional information will calculate the following items automatically:

  • Frame fixings
  • Window board
  • Plastering
  • Decorating

To estimate multiple windows of the same size and specification, enter the number of windows when prompted. For example, if you were estimating two bay windows of a certain size, you would enter 2. This multiplies all materials, labour and other associated resources by two and subsequently doubles the cost.

After reviewing the window dimensions, you will be prompted to define key resources in the Estimating Calculator, namely the windows and cill. Open the Sundry Resources tab in the Estimating Calculator and click Change Resource to select suitable windows and cill from the price book. You may need to add the windows to the price book first if they are bespoke items.