The Attic Suspended Floor Estimating Calculator is used to calculate the Labour, Materials and Plant items and costs involved in constructing timber suspended floors for an attic floor.

The Attic Suspended Floor Estimating Calculator calculates the following items:

  • Floor joists
  • Floor surface
  • Insulation
  • Plastering
  • Decorating
  • Plus all labour associated with the above

To estimate an attic suspended floor, you enter dimensional information in to the worksheet.

All of the items required in a suspended floor are specified from the Specification.


  • You should also check all the pre-specified items in the Resources Output screen of the Worksheet, in particular the red highlighted “critical items” before accepting the output.
  • To estimate a main attic suspended floor for a truss roof, use the Attic Suspended Floor for Truss Roof Estimating Calculator.
  • To estimate for an attic suspended floor to the side voids, use the Attic Suspended Floor for Side Voids Estimating Calculator.
  • To estimate an upper floor suspended floor that is not in an attic, use the Suspended Floor Estimating Calculator.
  • To estimate a ground floor suspended floor, use the Suspended Timber Ground Floor Estimating Calculator.